European Statistics Code of Practice


This European Statistics Code of Practice purports to ensure the proper functioning of the European Statistical System, in particular as concerns the development of reliable and high quality statistics.

Thus, from an external perspective, its objective is to improve the trust in the independence, integrity and accountability of the national statistical authorities and of EUROSTAT, as well as the accuracy and quality of the statistical data produced and disseminated. Within an internal perspective, the purpose is to promote the application of best international statistical principles, methods and practices by all producers of official statistics in Europe.

Following a request addressed by the Council to the European Commission, in June 2004, to develop a European common set of standards on the independence, integrity and accountability of national and Community statistical authorities, the Commission has, on 25 June 2005, drawn up a Recommendation in order to have this Code of Practice adopted by the Member States:

“Governance authorities and statistical authorities in the European Union commit themselves to adhering to the principles fixed in this code and to reviewing its implementation periodically by the use of Indicators of Good Practice for each of the 15 Principles, which are to be used as references.

The Statistical Programme Committee established by Council Decision 89/382/EEC of 19 June 1989 will regularly carry out peer review monitoring of the implementation of the present Code.”

This document is based on 15 Principles (Professional Independence, Mandate for Data Collection, Adequacy of Resources, Commitment to Quality, Statistical Confidentiality, Impartiality and Objectivity, Sound Methodology, Appropriate Statistical Procedures, Non-excessive Burden on Respondents, Cost Effectiveness, Relevance, Accuracy and Reliability, Timeliness and Punctuality, Coherence and Comparability, Accessibility and Clarity) and is addressed to governance authorities as well as to statistical authorities and their staff, in order to harmonize a set of indicators of good practices in the production and dissemination of European statistics.


In the scope of the actions designed to disseminate the European Statistics Code of Practice, entrusted to the Group of Producers of Official Statistics, which are part of the European Statistical System, it is now available the Portuguese version of the aforementioned European Statistics Code of​ Practice .