​​​​​ The Justice official statistics


Subsequent to an experience on responsibility sharing, which dates from 1983, and in accordance with the current framework set forth in article 24 of the Law of the National Statistical System, the Management Board of the National Statistical Institute, I.P. (INE) has endowed competent the Directorate General for Justice Policy (DGPJ), through a protocol homologated by the Minister of the Presidency and by the Minister of Justice, to produce and disseminate the Justice official statistics.

DGPJ is thus subject to compliance, in the relevant part of the Law 22/2008, of 13 May, of the diplomas that approve the INE organic framework and statutes, of the norms set out in community legislation and in the European Statistical Code of Practice as well as in the Regulation on the Application of the Principle on Statistical Confidentiality and in INE Policies on Dissemination and Peer Review.

In this context, DGPJ subscribes its quality charter, which closely follows INE quality charter, formalizing its public commitment as to the quality of the official statistics it produces and disseminates, as well as the quality of the services it provides in this area, in its relationship with the information providers and with the users.

The official statistical activities delegated in the Justice area follow the general lines of the official statistical activity, which are set out in the Annual Activity Plan of INE and of the Entities with Delegated Powers. Their execution is reported in the correspondent Activity Report.


Diplomas and relevant documentation


Law n. 22/2008, of 13 May - Law of the National Statistical System.​​

Decree-Order n. 17214/2010, of 16 November – Sets out the terms and the conditions of the National Statistical Institute I.P. powers of delegation in the Directorate General for Justice Policy.span>

Protocol on the powers of delegation entered into by the National Statistical Institute I.P. and the Directorate General for Justice Policy

DGPJ organic framework

Decree-Order n. 136/2012, of 2 July – It approves the organic framework of the National Statistical Institute I.P.

Order n. 423/2012, of 28 December It approves the statutes of the National Statistical Institute I.P. (as amended by the Order n. 120/2014, of 9 June)

European Statistics Code of Practice

Dissemination Policy

Peer Review ​Policy​

Statistical Confidiality Policy

Quality Ch​​​arter of Official Justice Statistics

INE Quality Ch​​​arter

General Guidelines of the Of​​ficial Statistical Activity 2018-2022

Plans and activity reports of INE​ and of the entities with power of delegation

Historical background of the power of ​delegation​​