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Nº atos Records Registrations Rect. mere order Cases and procedures Other acts Bulletins Reg-Birth-Born abroad Reg-Birth-Born in form col Reg-Birth-Other Reg-Marriage Entries-Death Reg-Ntlty-Attrib Reg-Ntlty-Acqui Reg-Ntlty-Loss Reg-Ntlty-Other Reg-Attrib equal status Reg-Other Annot. Civil Registry Annot.Nation. Attribut. Annot.Nation. Acq. Annot.Nation. Loss Annot.Nation. Others Rec Rect. by mere order Adm. appeals and litigation Integ. consular rec. - Birth Int Cons Rec/Recog Paternity Integ. Consular rec. - Death Int. Consular rec. - Marriage Bulletins for annotations Proc-Birth-Inscr-Born abroad Proc.birth/Insc./Born for.cl. Proc - Born in former colonies Proc-Birth-Inscr-Other Proc-Birth-Trnscr-Born abroad Proc.birth/Trans./Born for.cl. Proc-Birth-Trnscr-Other Proc-Marriage-Prelim publ proc Proc-Marriage-Trnscr Proc-Death Proc-Ntlty-Attrib Proc-Ntlty-Acqui Proc-Ntlty-Loss Proc-Ntlty-Other Proc-Attrib equal status Proc-Change name Proc-Justf-Jud Proc-Justf-Adm Proc-Eliminating prsmp patern Proc-Other Cert/phtcp Marriage Consultation name