Nº processos Common Declarative action (DL108/2006) Common enforcement (15/9/03-31/8/13) Common enforcement (before 15/9/2003) Special enforcement Enforcement of pecuniary obligations Objections/opposition Claiming credits Administrative action Divorce and separation Inventory Corporate recovery/bankruptcy Other special actions Interim measures protection European order for payment Qualification heirs Service judicial notice Small claims procedure (R 861/2007) N.S. other procedures Special revitalisation process Special process for payment agreement BNA - special evection BNA - other proceedings Common enforcement Filiation Parental responsibiity Alimony Disabilities Family - marriage Successions Protection of personality/name/confidential correspondence Formation/modification/resolution of contrats/other acts Civil liabilit Fulfilment of contracts/other obligations Lease Comercial contract/exercise of social rights Individual employment contract Labour accidents and professional diseases Property rights/claim/recognition Possession - repossession means Arbitrations Preferences Civil registry Land registry Comercial and vehicle registry Notaries Electoral contentious Protection of intelectual property/copyright Industrial property Competition Maritime law Reform of titles, files. and books Cases Public Prosecution (DL 272/2001) Provisional orders Others N.E. Establishment of maternity (mother's request) Judicial fixing of conception Challenge paternity and maternity Abortion Inquiry of maternity Inquiry of paternity Inquiry of maternity/paternity N.S. Annulment of paternity Declaration to remove the presumption of paternity Other or N.S. (filiation) Suspension of the parental powers/placement of minor Family council Fixing of alimony Non-payment of alimony Others/unspec (alimony) Declaration of incapacity - total Declaration of incapacity - partial Lifting of incapacity Authorization/confirmation of certain acts Other or N.S. (disabilities) Invalidity of marriage Legal separation of property Legal separation of persons/property by mutal agreement Litigious separation of persons/property Legal separation without consent of the spouse Divorce by mutual agreement Litigious divorce Divorce without consent of the spouse Conversion of legal separation into divorce Allocation of family home Waiver of the waiting period after divorce Other measures related to spouses Inventory - division of common assets of spouses Waiver of matrimonial impediments Impugnation of matrimonial impediments declaration Recognition of facto union Other or N.S. (family-marriage) Inventory - division of the inheritance Inventory - list of assets Inventory - other purposes Declaration of indignity Invalidity of will Action claiming rights heir Action in abatement Resolution of provision will Justification of capacity heir Disposal/encumbrance of property in trust Unclaimed estate Exercise of executors duties Liquidation of estate in State's benefice Impugnation of the certificate of inheritance Other or N.S. (successions) Infringement of personal rights through media Other or N.S. (infringement os personal rights) Inexistance, declaration of nulity or annulment Alteration or resolution Other or N.S. (formation/modification/resolution contrats) Unlawful facts Road accident Right of recourse Other or N.S. (civil liability) Interpretation, validity and enforcement of contracts Forward commitment Bills of exchange, promissory notes and cheques Rendering in deed Delivery thing Civil debt Commercial debt Civil and commercial debts Insurance premium debts Hospital debts Service debts Non-payment of court costs Failure to pay fines/administrative fines Marital debts Enforcement - various purposes Failure to pay party costs Failure to pay fines and costs Unjust enrichment Unauthorised manegement of other people' affairs Expiry of contract Termination - opposition to renewal by tenant Termination - opposition to renewal by landlord Termination - by tenant Termination - by landlord Dissolution - by tenant Dissolution - by landlord (art. 1083/3 CC) Dissolution - by landlord (art. 1083/4 CC) Revocation of contract Judicial authorization Suspension of the vacancy of premisses Deferral of the vacancy of premisses Impugnation of the title for vacancy of premisses Other or N.S. (fulfilment of contracts/other obligations) Eviction from rural property Eviction from urban housing - non-payment of rent Eviction from urban housing - other reasons Eviction from comercial/industrial - non-payment of rent Eviction from comercial/industrial - change of use Eviction from comercial/industrial - other reasons Eviction liberal profession -non-payment of rent Eviction liberal profession - change of use Eviction liberal profession - other reasons Other or N.S. (eviction) Deposit of rentals Other or N.S. (lease) Judicial enquiries Appointement or removal of company officers Notice meet of shareholders Audit of accounts/documents Appoitement to company office Impugnation of corporate resolutions Liquitdation of assets in benefit of shareholders Reduction in share capital Other or N.S. (comercial contract/exercise of social rights) Formation of employment contract Remuneration or other payment/compensations Taxpayer debts to social security Debts to trade unions Debts to employment conciliation services Other or N.S. (during employment contract) Impugnation of dismissal Impugnation of collective dismissal Contract termination by the employee for due cause Other or N.S. (after the termination employment contract) Rights resulting from accidents at work Immovable property Movable property/fructus pendentes Vehicles, vessels and aircraft Other or N.S. (ownership) Other property rights Joint ownership Horizontal property Possessional acts Third party objections Possession/judicial surrender Other or N.S. (possession) Division of water Demarcation Division of common property Easements - constitution Easements - modification/termination Easements - N.S. Other or N.S. (adjustment) Notification of preference Preferential rights action Other or N.S. (preferential rights) Judicial justification Judicial rectification of registration Appeal - declaration of nulity of registration Other appeals of acts of registrars Civil registry n.s. Administrative justification Judicial rectification of registration Rectification of record by registrar Reconstitution of registration Appeal of acts of registrar Other or N.S. (property registry) Justification Judicial rectification of registration Rectification of registration Judicial registration Other or N.S. (comercial/vehicle registry) Justification Impugnation of justification Action for revalidation Suppression of nullities Appeal against notarial acts Other or N.S. (notary) Other/unspec (elect disputes) Protection of musical compositions Re-edition of a sold out work Competition Authority decisions Other or N.S. (intellectual property) Expiration, annulation, nullity of registry/patent Appeal of acts concerning industrial property Protection of trademarks/patents Protection of establishment name Protection of trademarks/patents/establishement name Internet domain names Disloyal competition Trade or corporate names Other or N.S. (industrial property) Maritime average Compensation damage to ships Measures relating to ships Other or N.S. (maritime law) Reconstitution of securities and books Reconstitution of court records Other or N.S. (reconstitution of documents) Jud. remedy for the lack of consent (lack capacity/absent) Authorization of acts (legal representant) Authorization for disposal/encumbrance of property (curator) Confirmation of acts of the legal representant Other or N.S. (Public Prosecutor cases - DL 272/2001) Provisional alimony Provisional restitution of possession Suspension of corporate resolutions Action preventing new works Taking of inventory arresto Attachment Safety, hygiede and helth protection at work Suspension of dismissal Seizure of assets Common precautionary proceedings Other or N.S. (precautionary proceedings) Bankruptcy Insolvency Corporate reorganization Dissolution in favour of the mass Impugnation of the dissolution Competition law Nationality Extradition Absence Justification of absence (presumed death) Judicial consent Legal aid Qualification of heirs Appeal against the decision on legal aid application Suspicion Appeal against fiscal evaluation of urban property Expropriation for public purposes Granting of exequatur Review of foreign judgements Recognition/enforcement of community court's decisions Oposition to enforcement/attachment Other objections Annulment of sale Claim of credits/other rights Sale and adjudicat pledge Other guarantees/obligations Conscientious objector Professional secrecy exemption Judicial setting of time limit Bonds Deposits Rendering of accounts Action for payment Presentation things/documents Pay off mortgage and termination of privileges Allocation of property of na extinct legal entity Peoples action Judicial notification Other or N.S. (Others) Revitalisation natural person Revitalisation legal person Homologation of agreements N.E. Accompanied adult - accompaniment Court conviction Court conviction Arbitral conviction Peace court conviction Judgment of conviction (N.S) Private documents (Bill) Private documents (Promisory note) Private documents (Cheque) Private documents (Invoice) Private documents (Others) Request of order for payment with affix. of enforc. formula European Enforcement Order Conciliation proceedings Contract Testament Account/Settlement Fine/Pecuniary penalty Note fees/ expenses EA Eviction title on the lessee Article 14-A NRAU Lease contract/others (art. 15 NRAU) Certificate - Inventory process Mediation agreement Other authentic/authenticated document Other N.S. On file - preliminary termination Returned on request Returned as requested Returned not as requested Return partially as requested Amendment of decision Declaration of bankruptcy Decision laying down the reversal of the resp. for action Refusal to declare bankruptcy Divorce decreed Divorce decreed - conversion into separation Divorce decreed - litigious proceedings Divorce decreed - mutual consent Divorce not decreed Termination - insolvency Termination - upheld opposition Termination - rejection by the judge Bankruptcy/insolvency decreed Bankruptcy/insolvency not decreed Ratification of the rescue plan Judicial ratification Ratification of recovery measure Completed by affiliation Separation decreed - litigious proceedings Separation decreed - mutual consent Separation decreed Separation not decreed Refusal to ratify the plan Without approval on the plan Claim approved - partially Claim approved - total Not approved or rejected Dismissal without prejudice Agreement between parties concerned Adherence to the payment plan On file - awaiting better evidence On file - legal pre-conditions not met Lack of jurisdiction Declaration of partial enforceability Declaration of total enforceability Withdrawal Withdrawal/desertion Termination - total agreement Termination - grant of right of credit Termination - grant of amounts falling due Termination - artº 67º of the Law OE Termination - delivery of things Termination - lack attachable assets Termination - lack impulse Termination - lack attachable assets (partial payment) Termination - lack attachable assets (without payment) Termination - non-suit Termination - failure to submit a debt security Termination - non payment to enforcement agent Termination - payments by instalments Termination - full payment Termination - full or partial payment Termination - partial payment Termination - rendering of acts Termination - refusal of the enforcement request Termination - repeal of the enforcement sentence Termination - fully interruption on the attachment of goods Lack of assets Lack assets/insolvency estate ?Lack of jurisdiction of the court Dismissal Insolvency of estate Interruption of proceedings Non-renewal divorce petition Objection or contestation Refuse of application - art. 11 (1) a) Refuse of application - art. 11 (1) b) Refuse of application - art. 11 (1) c) Refuse of application - art. 11 (1) d) Sentence terminating the enforcement Transaction Transaction/conciliation Other conclusion prior to decision on partition Other N.S. T. Comarca dos Açores T. Comarca de Aveiro T. Comarca de Beja T. Comarca de Braga T. Comarca de Bragança T. Comarca de Castelo Branco T. Comarca de Coimbra T. Comarca de Évora T. Comarca de Faro T. Comarca da Guarda T. Comarca de Leiria T. Comarca de Lisboa T. Comarca de Lisboa Norte T. Comarca de Lisboa Oeste T. Comarca da Madeira T. Comarca de Portalegre T. Comarca do Porto T. Comarca do Porto Este T. Comarca de Santarém T. Comarca de Setúbal T. Comarca de Viana do Castelo T. Comarca de Vila Real T. Comarca de Viseu T. Propriedade Intelectual T. Concorrência Reg Supervisão T. Central Instrução Criminal Vara Mista - Braga Vara Mista - Funchal Vara Mista - Coimbra Varas Mistas - Guimarães Varas Mistas - Loures Vara Mista - Setúbal Varas Mistas - Sintra Varas Mistas - V. N. Gaia Varas Cíveis - Lisboa Varas Cíveis - Porto Varas Criminais - Lisboa Varas Criminais - Porto T. Círculo - Varas Crim.Lisboa T. Círculo - Varas Crim. Porto Juízos Cíveis - Braga Juízos Cíveis - Coimbra Juízos Cíveis - Funchal Juízos Cíveis - Guimarães Juízos Cíveis - Lisboa Juízos Cíveis - Loures Juízos Cíveis - Porto Juízos Cíveis - Setúbal Juízos Cíveis - Sintra Juízos Cíveis - V. N. Gaia Juízos de Execução - Guimarães Juízos de Execução - Lisboa Juízos de Execução - Maia Juízos de Execução - Oeiras Juízos de Execução - Porto Juízos Criminais - Braga Juízos Criminais - Coimbra Juízos Criminais - Funchal Juízos Criminais - Guimarães Juízos de Execução - V.N.Gaia Juízos Correcionais - Lisboa Juízos Criminais - Lisboa Juízos de Polícia - Lisboa Juízos Criminais - Loures Juízos Correcionais - Porto Juízos Criminais - Porto Juízos de Polícia - Porto Juízos de Polícia - V.N. Gaia Juízos Criminais - Setúbal Juízos Criminais - Sintra Juízos Criminais - V. N. Gaia T. Círculo - Abrantes T. Círculo - Alcobaça T. Círculo - Anadia T. Círculo - Barreiro T. Círculo Auxiliar - Barreiro T. Círculo - Beja T. Círculo - Braga T. Círculo - Bragança T. Círculo - Caldas da Rainha T. Círculo - Castelo Branco T. Círculo - Chaves T. Círculo - Coimbra T. Círculo - Covilhã T. Círculo - Figueira da Foz T. Círculo - Funchal T. Círculo - Gondomar T. Círculo - Lamego T. Círculo - Leiria T. Círculo - Mirandela T. Círculo - Oeiras T. Círculo - Oliv. de Azeméis T. Círculo - Paredes T. Círculo - Penafiel T. Círculo - Pombal T. Círculo - Portalegre T. Círculo - Portimão T. Círculo Auxiliar -Portimão T. Círculo - Sta. Maria Feira T. Círculo - Sant. do Cacém T. Círculo - Sto Tirso T. Círculo - Setúbal T. Círculo - Sintra T. Círculo - Torres Vedras T. Círculo - Vila do Conde T. Círculo - Vila Real T. Comarca - Abrantes T. Comarca - Águeda T. Comarca - Alberg.-a-Velha T. Comarca - Albufeira T. Comarca - Alcácer do Sal T. Comarca - Alcanena T. Comarca - Alcobaça T. Comarca - Alenquer T. Comarca - Alentejo Litoral T. Comarca - Alfândega da Fé T. Comarca - Alijó T. Comarca - Almada T. Comarca - Almeida T. Comarca - Almeirim T. Comarca - Almodôvar T. Comarca - Alvaiázere T. Comarca - Amadora T. Comarca - Amarante T. Comarca - Amares T. Comarca - Anadia T. Comarca - A. Heroísmo T. Comarca - Ansião T. Comarca - Arcos de Valdevez T. Comarca - Arganil T. Comarca - Armamar T. Comarca - Arouca T. Comarca - Arraiolos T. Comarca - Aveiro T. Comarca - Avis T. Comarca - Baião T. Comarca - Baixo Vouga T. Comarca - Barcelos T. Comarca - Barreiro T. Comarca - Beja T. Comarca - Benavente T. Comarca - Bombarral T. Comarca - Boticas T. Comarca - Braga T. Comarca - Bragança T. Comarca - Cabeceiras Basto T. Comarca - Cadaval T. Comarca - Caldas da Rainha T. Comarca - Caminha T. Comarca - Cantanhede T. Comarca - Carrazeda Ansiães T. Comarca - Cartaxo T. Comarca - Cascais T. Comarca - Castelo Branco T. Comarca - Castelo de Paiva T. Comarca - Castelo de Vide T. Comarca - Castro Daire T. Comarca - Celorico da Beira T. Comarca - Celorico de Basto T. Comarca - Chaves T. Comarca - Cinfães T. Comarca - Coimbra T. Comarca - Condeixa-a-Nova T. Comarca - Coruche T. Comarca - Covilhã T. Comarca - Cuba T. Comarca - Elvas T. Comarca - Entroncamento T. Comarca - Espinho T. Comarca - Esposende T. Comarca - Estarreja T. Comarca - Estremoz T. Comarca - Évora T. Comarca - Fafe T. Comarca - Faro T. Comarca - Felgueiras T. Comarca - Ferr. do Alentejo T. Comarca - Ferreira do Zêzer T. Comarca - Figueira da Foz T. Comarca - F. Cast. Rodrigo T. Comarca - Figueiró Vinhos T. Comarca - Fornos Algodres T. Comarca - Fronteira T. Comarca - Funchal T. Comarca - Fundão T. Comarca - Golegã T. Comarca - Gondomar T. Comarca - Gouveia T.Comarca-GrandeLisboaNoroeste T. Comarca - Grândola T. Comarca - Guarda T. Comarca - Guimarães T. Comarca - Horta T. Comarca - Idanha-a-Nova T. Comarca - Ílhavo T. Comarca - Lagos T. Comarca - Lamego T. Comarca - Leiria T. Comarca - Loulé T. Comarca - Loures T. Comarca - Lourinhã T. Comarca - Lousã T. Comarca - Lousada T. Comarca - Mação T. Comarca - Maced. Cavaleiros T. Comarca - Mafra T. Comarca - Maia T. Comarca - Mangualde T. Comarca - Marco Canaveses T. Comarca - Marinha Grande T. Comarca - Matosinhos T. Comarca - Mealhada T. Comarca - Meda T. Comarca - Melgaço T. Comarca - Mértola T. Comarca - Mesão Frio T. Comarca - Mira T. Comarca - Miranda do Douro T. Comarca - Mirandela T. Comarca - Mogadouro T. Comarca - Moimenta da Beira T. Comarca - Moita T. Comarca - Monção T. Comarca - Monchique T. Comarca - Mondim de Basto T. Comarca - Montalegre T. Comarca - Montemor-o-Novo T. Comarca - Montemor-o-Velho T. Comarca - Montijo T. Comarca - Moura T. Comarca - Murça T. Comarca - Nazaré T. Comarca - Nelas T. Comarca - Nisa T. Comarca - Nordeste T. Comarca - Odemira T. Comarca - Oeiras T. Comarca - Oleiros T. Comarca - Olhão Restauração T. Comarca - Oliv. de Azeméis T. Comarca - Oliveira de Frade T. Comarca - Oliv. do Bairro T. Comarca - Oliv. do Hospital T. Comarca - Ourém T. Comarca - Ourique T. Comarca - Ovar T. Comarca - Paços Ferreira T. Comarca - Pampilh. da Serra T. Comarca - Paredes T. Comarca - Paredes de Coura T. Comarca - Penacova T. Comarca - Penafiel T. Comarca - Penamacor T. Comarca - Penela T. Comarca - Peniche T. Comarca - Peso da Régua T. Comarca - Pinhel T. Comarca - Pombal T. Comarca - Ponta Delgada T. Comarca - Ponta do Sol T. Comarca - Ponte da Barca T. Comarca - Ponte de Lima T. Comarca - Ponte de Sor T. Comarca - Portalegre T. Comarca - Portel T. Comarca - Portimão T. Comarca - Porto de Mós T. Comarca - Porto Santo T. Comarca - Póvoa de Lanhoso T. Comarca - Póvoa do Varzim T. Comarca - Povoação T. Comarca - Praia Vitória T. Comarca - Redondo T. Comarca - Reg. de Monsaraz T. Comarca - Resende T. Comarca - Ribeira Grande T. Comarca - Rio Maior T. Comarca - Sabrosa T. Comarca - Sabugal T. Comarca - Santa Comba Dão T. Comarca - Santa Cruz T. Comarca - S. Cruz Graciosa T. Comarca - S. Cruz Flores T. Comarca - Sta. Maria Feira T. Comarca - Santarém T. Comarca - Santiago do Cacém T. Comarca - Santo Tirso T. Comarca - S. João Madeira T. Comarca - S. João Pesqueira T. Comarca - São Pedro do Sul T. Comarca - S. Roque do Pico T. Comarca - São Vicente T. Comarca - Sátão T. Comarca - Seia T. Comarca - Seixal T. Comarca - Serpa T. Comarca - Sertã T. Comarca - Sesimbra T. Comarca - Setúbal T. Comarca - Sever do Vouga T. Comarca - Silves T. Comarca - Sintra T. Comarca - Soure T. Comarca - Tábua T. Comarca - Tabuaço T. Comarca - Tavira T. Comarca - Tomar T. Comarca - Tondela T. Comarca - Torre de Moncorvo T. Comarca - Torres Novas T. Comarca - Torres Vedras T. Comarca - Trancoso T. Comarca - Vagos T. Comarca - Vale de Cambra T. Comarca - Valença T. Comarca - Valongo T. Comarca - Valpaços T. Comarca - Velas T. Comarca - Viana do Castelo T. Comarca - Vieira do Minho T. Comarca - Vila do Conde T. Comarca - Vila do Porto T. Comarca - Vila Flor T. Comarca - V. F. de Xira T. Comarca - V. F. do Campo T. Comarca - Vila Nova de Cerv T. Comarca - V. N. Famalicão T. Comarca - V. N. de Foz Côa T. Comarca - Vila Nova de Gaia T. Comarca - Vila Pouca de Agu T. Comarca - Vila Real T. Comarca - V. R. Sto António T. Comarca - Vila Verde T. Comarca - Vila Viçosa T. Comarca - Vimioso T. Comarca - Vinhais T. Comarca - Viseu T. Comarca - Vouzela T. Peq. Inst. Mista - Almada T. Peq. Inst. Mista - V.N.Gaia T. Peq. Inst. Cível - Lisboa T. Peq. Inst. Cível - Porto T. Peq. Inst. Crim. - Almada T. Peq. Inst. Crim. - Lisboa T. Peq. Inst. Crim. - Loures T. Peq. Inst. Crim. - Porto T. Peq. Inst. Crim. - V.N.Gaia T. Instr. Crim. - Coimbra T. Instr. Crim. - Évora T. Instr. Crim. - Lisboa T. Instr. Crim. - Porto T. Trabalho - Abrantes T. Trabalho - Almada T. Trabalho - Águeda T. Trabalho - Aveiro T. Trabalho - Barcelos T. Trabalho - Barreiro T. Trabalho - Beja T. Trabalho - Braga T. Trabalho - Bragança T. Trabalho - Caldas da Rainha T. Trabalho - Cascais T. Trabalho - Castelo Branco T. Trabalho - Coimbra T. Trabalho - Covilhã T. Trabalho - Évora T. Trabalho - Faro T. Trabalho - Figueira da Foz T. Trabalho - Funchal T. Trabalho - Gondomar T. Trabalho - Valongo T. Trabalho - Guarda T. Trabalho - Guimarães T. Trabalho - Lamego T. Trabalho - Leiria T. Trabalho - Lisboa T. Trabalho - Loures T. Trabalho - Maia T. Trabalho - Matosinhos T. Trabalho - Oliv. de Azeméis T. Trabalho - Penafiel T. Trabalho - Ponta Delgada T. Trabalho - Portalegre T. Trabalho - Portimão T. Trabalho - Porto T. Trabalho - Sta. M.ª Feira T. Trabalho - Santarém T. Trabalho - Santo Tirso T. Trabalho - V. N. Famalicão T. Trabalho - Setúbal T. Trabalho - Sintra T. Trabalho - Tomar T. Trabalho - Torres Vedras T. Trabalho - Viana do Castelo T. Trabalho - V. F. Xira T. Trabalho - V. N. Gaia T. Trabalho - Vila Real T. Trabalho - Viseu T. Rec.Emp.Falência - Lisboa T. Rec.Emp.Falência - V.N.Gaia T. Comércio - Lisboa T. Comércio - V. N. Gaia T. Marítimo - Lisboa T. Família - Lisboa T. Família - Porto T. Menores - Porto T.Fam.Menores - Almada T. Fam. Menores - Aveiro T. Fam. Menores - Barreiro T. Fam. Menores - Braga T. Fam. Menores - Cascais T. Fam. Menores - Coimbra T. Fam. Menores - Faro T. Fam. Menores - Funchal T. Fam. Menores - Lisboa T. Fam. Menores - Loures T. Fam. Menores - Matosinhos T. Fam. Menores - P. Delgada T. Fam. Menores - Portimão T. Fam. Menores - Porto T. Fam. Menores - Seixal T. Fam. Menores - Setúbal T. Fam. Menores - Sintra T. Fam. Menores - V. F. Xira T. Fam. Menores - V. N. Gaia