Nº processos findos Civil enforcement actions Special actions Provisional orders Jurisdictional appeals Other Enforcements Administrative action Impugnment procedure Other special actions Interim measures protection Appeal Review per saltum Standardise/establishment of case law Other appeals or N.S. appeals N.S. other procedures Preliminary rulings Appeals - decisions 1st inst. TCA Fulfilment of contracts/other obligations Possession - repossession means Norms Administrative acts Tributary acts Recognition of rights and behaviours of the administration Electoral contentious Subpoenas Conflicts Provisional orders Others N.E. Payment by CSTAF' budget Third party objections Declaration of illegality of a rule N.S. Compensation for legitime cause of non-performance Compensation for ilegitime cause of non-performance Other or N.S. (administrative acts) Settlement of taxes Settlement of taxable items Rejection of administrative appeals of taxation acts Administrative acts - legality of taxation Increase of tax due to appeal/ complaint Decisions of technical body Recognition of legal tax status Other/unspec (elect disputes) Order to protect rights Conflicts of competence Conflicts of jurisdiction Other/unspec (Conflicts) Suspension of the effects of na act Suspension of the effects of a rule Other or N.S. (precautionary proceedings) Legal aid Preliminary rulings Oposition to enforcement/attachment Annulment of sale Claim of credits/other rights Fiscal customs issues Early production of evidence Other or N.S. (Others) Conflicts between tax costum court and techical body N.E. Claim approved - partially Claim approved - total Not approved or rejected N.S. Supremo Trib. Administrativo T. Central Admin. - Norte T. Central Admin. - Sul T. Central Administrativo T. Tributário 2ª Instância