N processos Review Standardise/establishment of case law Appeal in criminal procedure Appeal - enforcement of penalties court Criminal Code - Crimes against persons Criminal Code - Crimes against property Crim. Code - Crimes against cult. ident. and pers. integrity Criminal Code - Crimes against life in society Criminal Code - Crimes against the State Criminal code - Crimes against pet animals In sundry legislation N.S. Misdemeanours Administrative offences Crimes against life Bodily harm/ Crimes of assault Crimes against personal freedom Crimes against freedom and sexual determination Crimes against honour Crimes against the right to privacy Crimes against other legal personal assets Crimes against persons, n.s. Crimes against property Crimes against property in general Crimes against property rights Crimes against the cooperative public sector Crimes against property, n.s. Crimes against cultural identity and personal integrity Crimes against the family Crimes against relig. feelings and resp. due to the dead Sexual crimes Violation of the social solidarity duty Forgery crimes Crimes of public endangerment Crimes against the communications security Crimes of dangerous anti-social behaviour Crimes against public peace Crimes against identification signals Crimes against life in society, n.s Crimes against national sovereignty Crimes against the rule of law Electoral crimes Crimes against public authority Crimes against justice Crimes committed in the course of civil public duties Crimes against the State, n.s. Against pet animals Strictly military crimes Drug related crimes Crimes related to terrorism and to terrorist organisations Crimes related to illegal immigration Crimes com. in the course of commer. or financial activities Crimes related to the press Crimes against copyright and industrial property ?Issue of cheques without provision/blank cheques Common tributary crimes Customs crimes Tax crimes Crimes against social security Crimes against public health Crimes against the economy Gaming crimes Crimes related to hunting and fishing Computer crimes Crimes related to military service Maritime crimes Driving without legal documentation crimes Fire/arson in forests Money laundering Crimes related to sports Crimes related to the keeping of forbidden weapons Crimes related to weapons Other crimes N.S. Crimes related to the liability of political office holders Crimes set out in the Commercial Companies Code Misdemeanours Administrative offences Murder and non-negligent manslaughter Homicide upon request of victim/ infanticide Murder, non-negl. manslaughter/ req. of vict. /infanticide Negligent homicide Attempted homicide Other crimes against life Crimes against intra-uterine life Bodily harm and grievous bodily harm Serious, aggravated and qualified bodily harm Bodily harm through negligence Domestic violence against spouses or similar Domestic violence against minors Other crimes of domestic violence Ill treatment of minors and defenceless persons Ill treatment of the spouse or akin Infraction of security rules Violation of safety rules Ill treat.or overburden minors, defencel.persons/spouse Other crimes of assault Threatening or coercion Abduction, kidnapping and hostage taking Trafficking in human beings Other crimes against personal freedom Simple and aggravated rape Rape with abuse of authority, simple and aggravated Coercion, abuse and sexual fraud Sexual coercion with abuse of author., simple and aggravated Trafficking in human beings and pandering Pandering and traffic of minors Sexual abuse of children and dependant minors Sexual and homosexual intercourse with adolescents Resort to child pornography Child pornography Grooming of minors for sexual purposes Other crimes against freedom and sexual self-determination Publicity and calumny Other crimes against honour Unlawful house entry and intruding upon private areas Computer misuse Other crimes against the right to privacy Omission of aid Other crimes against personal legal assets Other crimes against persons Theft Qualified theft Breach of trust Theft of motor vehicle in order to use it Misappropriation in case of accession or thing found Robbery or violence following theft Simple and qualified damage Damage with violence Other crimes against property Simple and qualified fraud Insurance fraud Computer and communications fraud Fraud for the purpose of obtaining food, drinks or services Fraud regarding work or employment Misuse of guarantee or credit cards Other crimes against the patrimony Fraudulent and negligent insolvency Handling stolen goods and aiding and abetting criminals Other crimes against property rights Crimes against pub. or coop. sector aggravated by agent Other crimes against patrimony Other crimes against peace Other crimes against cultural identity /personal integrity Abduction/kidnapping of minors Violation of the alimony or maintenance obligation Other crimes against the family Crimes against religious feelings and respect due to dead Rape Indecent exposure Outrage to public behaviour Pandering/Trafficking in human beings Other sexual crimes Violation of social solidarity duties Forgery/damage/theft doc.s or tech. notation /false cert. Counterfeiting currency/stocks/bonds/others Other crimes of forgery Fire/arson, explosions and other part. dangerous conducts Forest fire Explosive substances or similar and weapons Damage to nature Pollution Interfer. with food or med. Subst. aggrav. by final result Other crimes of public endangerment Dangerous driving of motor vehicles Driving under the influence of alcohol Other crimes against the communications security Drunkenness and intoxication Minor exploitation through vagrancy Criminal association Terrorism and terrorist organisations Other crimes against public peace Crimes against identification signs Crimes against life in society Crimes against national sovereignty Trading in influence Other crimes against the rule of law Electoral crimes Resistance to and coercion of civil servants Disobedience Prison escape Violation of public precautions and encroachment of duties Other crimes against public authority False statements Fal. stat. or decl., proof, expertise, interpret. or transl. Slanderous accusation Other crimes against justice Corruption Misappropriation Abuse of authority Other crimes com. in the performance of civil public duties Other crimes against the State n.s. Against pet animals Disloyalty within the military service Crimes against the security of the Armed Forces Desertion Neglect of military duties Misleading/theft/robbery of war materials Insubordination Other crimes strictly military Traf./illegal activities, simple or aggrav (inc. precedents) Traff sm qunt/for drg use,n.s. Conversion, transfer or dissimulation of goods or products Drug use (including cultivation, Other drug offences Terrorist organisations and international terrorism Other terrorist organisations and international terrorism Aid to illegal labour Illegal labour aid association Recruitment of illegal labour Violation of interdiction entry order Marriage of convenience Use of privileged information Market manipulation Other crimes com. in perf. commercial or finan. activities Crimes committed through the press (except against honour) Crimes against the freedom of the press Crimes against copyright Crimes against industrial property ?Issue of cheques without provision/blank cheques Common tributary crimes Tributary crimes Tax crimes Crimes against social security Crimes against public health Crimes against genuineness, quality or composition of food Speculation Other crimes against economy Gambling crimes Illegal hunting and fishing Legal protection towards computer programmes Crimes foreseen in the Computer Crime Law Crimes foreseen in the Law for the Protection of Pers. Data Crimes related to military service Maritime crimes Driving without legal documentation Forest fire Money laundering Irregular distribution of admission tickets Participation in a riot on the way to or from a sports event Intrud. sports event area, flinging objects and disturbances Crimes due to unsporting behaviour Others concerning sports Unlawful detention defense weapon Crimes related to weapons Other crimes N.S. Transgressions Misdemeanour Holders of political office Other crimes set out in the Commercial Companies Code Activities dangerous to the environment Claim approved - total/partially Not approved or rejected Returned for trial Other N.S. Supremo Tribunal de Justiça T. Relação - Coimbra T. Relação - Évora T. Relação - Guimarães T. Relação - Lisboa T. Relação - Porto