Marital homicide convictions Civil actions Declared insolvencies Cases at the first instance courts Open data
Marital homicide convictions

Marital homicide convictions in criminal cases completed at trial stage in the 1st instance courts (2007-2022)

Civil actions

Quarterly statistics on civil actions (2007-2023 / 2nd quarter)

Declared insolvencies

Declared insolvencies in the first instance judicial courts (2023 / 3rd quarter)

Cases at the first instance courts

Some statistical indicators on cases at the first instance courts, 2007-2022

Open data

New functionality available. See the datasets already available in the “data library” and access from the “open data” tab in the corresponding reports.

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O que é o SIEJ?         
The Justice statistics are one of the official statistics area produced by the Directorate General for Justice Policy (DGPJ), in the scope of the competences delegated to it by the National Statistical Institute. See more